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Why Website Speed Matters

Website speed can make or break your business. A faster website gets you better google rankings, more visitors on your site, higher engagement with your products/services, and more sales/conversions. Slow websites don't.

Better Google Rankings

A fast website gets you higher up in Google. Google shows fast websites higher up the page than slow websites. Fast websites get promoted, slow websites get demoted.

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More Website Visitors

Fast websites get more visitors. Google rewards faster website with better google rankings. And when you're higher up the google page more people see you and click-through to your website too.

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Higher Engagement

Fast websites improve engagement. When people can navigate your website pages without having to wait they read more, stay longer, and look around at what you're offering. If your website's slow they just go.

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Increased Sales & Conversions

Fast websites make more. Fast websites create good user experience and customer confidence in your brand; two critial aspects to convert visitors to customers.

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